Monday, April 5, 2010

mermaids of the deep blue.. (motdb).. 1 week progress

hello girls..

hope you all had a fabulous Easter.. :)  i hosted it here and it was wonderful to have the family all together.. well.. at least the ones that live around here..

i've been working on my motdb for a week now.. so i thought i'd show you some progress.. she's actually starting to look like a mermaid.. sorta.. lol..  i love the linen i'm using for her.. and will probably buy more of it for some of the other mermaids.. 

before you think that's all i've been working on.. check my blog.. i've also worked on a few of my other cross stitch projects.. :).. of course i haven't done much sewing/quilting.. but.. i'll get to it..

and how have you all done??..



  1. SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're leaving us in the dust.

  2. ok...Ive been working on mine, but it doesnt look like anything ...nothing at all except a bunch of stitches.But..I have worked on a quilt and made a gift for a swap on the board...and worked, and went to the gym, and and there.