Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MOTDB... week 2 progress

hey girls..

well i did a bit more on my motdb... and she (they) are coming along nicely... i'm going to have to go get the beads for this pretty soon... i'm dying to get some on it and see her sparkle...

how are you all doing??..

elaine if you want to email me your pictures .. i can put them up on the blog for you....

nicki.. have you come up for air yet??.. out of the basement??..  were you able to start yours yet??..

patti.. can't wait to see your progress picture too.. is she starting to look less like a blob and more like a mermaid yet??..

well back to work for me..



  1. ok shey !!!

    Yours looks like a mermaid...mine is only a blob of really pretty colors..but I work a little bit every night and keep on plugging !!! Maybe once I get it to a point it looks like something I can send you a picture to post for me !!!

  2. Looks good Sheryl. I've been working on mine and have used 2 of my metallic threads so it has a little sparkle to it. But it still looks like a blob because I am working on the mermaids hair.

  3. Ok so call me a blob - I haven't had a chance to get moving on this project but am expecting a rainy weekend so am planning on then. I've had a couple deadlines to meet and tomorrow is what they call "times up" Yea! I am in a Purse contest and it has taken every bit of my time... all done tomorrow!

    You girls are doing great and of course Shey - you are such an over achiever... LOL!