Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mermaids of Atlantis

Good Afternoon Ladies,

I have started on my Mermaids of Atlantis . This is my one week report. I am using a 28 ct. green linen called woodland. As you can see mine doesn't look like a mermaid yet. It still looks like a big green blob. How are the rest of you doing? We need to kick our butts into gear before Sheryl leaves us in the dust.


  1. it looks great patti!!... looks like a mermaid's knee.. and i like that woodlawn fabric.. she's gonna look very nice on that...

    hey.. i'm working on other things too.. i thought i did quite a bit on my quaker christmas and the cirque des carreaus.. just imagine if i was JUST concentrating on this one???.. :P


  2. hey Patti....mine looks like a blob too !!! But I really like your color fabric...mine is a blueish/grayish...I cant post pictures cuz my computer hates me !