Monday, May 31, 2010

mermaids of the deep blue..

i really haven't done that much on my mermaid...  i had company last weekend for a few days... but i did a little so i'm posting it.. i did some of the beading on the mermaid on the right..   i also did some redwork for a project for my guild that i had to have done for the meeting next week.. and.. well.. other things too..  but.. no excuses... i need to work on her more.. and i will.. 

patti your mermaid looks fantastic... and looks like you are gonna be finishing her soon... Elaine your blob is getting bigger and bigger every week... good going girl!!.. keep at it!!....  nicki.... hmmmmm... can't comment.. cause... well.... we haven't seen your blob yet.. lol... please post a pic for us...


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mermaid of Atlantis - Coming Along

Good Evening Ladies- Well today was my birthday and I spent the whole day xstitching and beading. I have almost all of my mermaid done. Doesn't she look pretty? I still have to finish whatever it is she is holding in her arms, and the upper right hand corner with the shell and fish, and the border. I wish the picture could show you just how beautiful it really is. You just can't see all the glimmer from the beads. Now before you ladies start telling me to slow down and that I am an over achiever I just want you to know that I have alot of free time on my hands because I am on unpaid vacation until the Orchestra starts back up in July for our Summer Concerts. Believe me, I'll be back to being a slacker. lol I hope to be able to finish this one up in the next few weeks. I won't start right away on the next one. I will have some puppy training to do. Mikki arrives on the 11th, I also have some other xstitch to work on and a bali wedding star quilt for my class. I sure would love to see some pics from you ladies, even if it is a blob . (Hint, hint, Nicki)

Friday, May 28, 2010

elaines bigger blob..

elaine sent me a picture of her "bigger" blob to post for her...
it looks great to me elaine!!... shey..

Hi shey

Could you post this picture of my bigger blob on the blog for me ??? thank you !!! hope you have a wonderful long weekend !!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mermaid of Atlantis

Hello Ladies,
I did get a chance to work on my mermaid a little bit this week while I was in Gulfport, MS for my youngest son's wedding. I did have some quiet time in the hotel and I got a little bit ( and I do mean little ) done on the top portion. I hope to have some more time to work on it soon, but things are starting to get busy. I am also currently working on my Bali wedding star quilt in a class and my new puppy Mikki will be arriving 2 weeks from tomorrow. Don't expect to get much done after she arrives except to run around after her. Now I have to spend some time puppy proofing the house.
Hope to see some work from you girls soon. Take care.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Is anyone out there ? I was hoping for more pictures girls and a little more encouragement !!! I work on mine a little every night, but need to put more time into it !

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I apologize, I'm embarrassed....

Ok, not much else I can say except those leading words into this... I'm a dip ... whip me with ten wet noodles. I really am sorry that I cannot report that my mermaid is well on her way to becoming something recognizable... I have just been dealing with way too many things and trying to get tons of obligations out of the way to be able to sit and concentrate on getting ahead on this project... I promise from today on to do much better.

On a good note, Elaine and I drove down to CT Saturday to visit a couple quilt stores. We specifically went to visit Thistle Needleworks - OMG! It was the most incredible thread shop ever - I had never ever seen so many gorgeous threads, ribbons and patterns - the walls were covered in thousands of colors and tons of drawers filled. Who knew there was such a variety. I bought plenty and think I now have everything I need. I also found some very hard to find silk ribbon floss. Check the store out ThistleNeedleworks

Monday, May 17, 2010

MOTDB.. update

my turn to post an update..  my mermaid is coming along quite well... of course i messed it up.. by reading a symbol wrong and used a wrong colour.. and had to rip a bunch out.. but.. i'm back on track again... it looks to me as if i'm about half done with it...  or close to it...  i got to use another of the kreinik's... i'm gonna try to finish up the fins on the right mermaid... and then start on some of the beads...  shey..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mermaid of Atlantis ( Mermaid Without a Face )

I've been working alot lately on my Mermaid. Spent a few hours last night attaching the beads. I am now half way done with this project. Still no face, but her tail looks great. Lots of glimmer and shimmer. I added a pic of the detailed beading. Boy that takes a long time to do. lol Will now get started on the top part of her body. Hope she's as pretty upstairs as down.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Elaines bigger blob..

hi all..  elaine has sent me an updated mermaid picture.. or as she calls it.. a bigger blob.. lol..

"Hi shey...

Here is my picture of my bigger still looks nothing like a mermaid to me, but in time she will...the key thing is that I am working on it !!!

Thanks for helping me puter is all messed up !!


Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10

Hope the three of you wonderful ladies all had a nice Mother's Day and were all able to relax.

Although I am still unable to post pictures because my computer is sick, Ihave been working diligently on my mermaid....she is now a bigger blob with some sparkly thread and some more DMC still cant tell she is a mermaid..I dont stay in one place very long !!! I will take a picture and maybe one of your loverly ladies can post it for me ...Please..of course !

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mermaids of Atlantis

Hello Ladies,

As of yet I have not been told to slow down on my project (lol)so I have done quite a bit of work on her. I've used 3 different metallic threads already and several of the Caron specialty threads. I'm just about ready to start adding some beads. I like where this is going. I sure would like to see some pics from Nicki ( hint, hint ). Sheryl's looks great as usual, and Elaine needs to post another beauty. Keep up the stitching Ladies!!


well.. not too much of a change on it.. (since i was told to slow down.. lol..)   i did work a bit on the mermaids hair.. and finally put some sparkle on her... i used one of the kreiniks in her hair..

how are the rest of you doing???..  shey