Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mermaid of Atlantis - Coming Along

Good Evening Ladies- Well today was my birthday and I spent the whole day xstitching and beading. I have almost all of my mermaid done. Doesn't she look pretty? I still have to finish whatever it is she is holding in her arms, and the upper right hand corner with the shell and fish, and the border. I wish the picture could show you just how beautiful it really is. You just can't see all the glimmer from the beads. Now before you ladies start telling me to slow down and that I am an over achiever I just want you to know that I have alot of free time on my hands because I am on unpaid vacation until the Orchestra starts back up in July for our Summer Concerts. Believe me, I'll be back to being a slacker. lol I hope to be able to finish this one up in the next few weeks. I won't start right away on the next one. I will have some puppy training to do. Mikki arrives on the 11th, I also have some other xstitch to work on and a bali wedding star quilt for my class. I sure would love to see some pics from you ladies, even if it is a blob . (Hint, hint, Nicki)

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  1. Patti

    Happy happy birthday to you !!! Your Mermaid is GORGEOUS !!!!!! Beautiful beautiful !! And to think you got to spend your birthday doing what YOU wanted to do...what better way to celebrate !