Monday, May 17, 2010

MOTDB.. update

my turn to post an update..  my mermaid is coming along quite well... of course i messed it up.. by reading a symbol wrong and used a wrong colour.. and had to rip a bunch out.. but.. i'm back on track again... it looks to me as if i'm about half done with it...  or close to it...  i got to use another of the kreinik's... i'm gonna try to finish up the fins on the right mermaid... and then start on some of the beads...  shey..


  1. shey

    It is are such an over achiever.!!

    I continue to work on mine...and my blob gets bigger each still cant tell it is a Mermaid though !!

  2. Gorgeous! I agree with Elaine.... how many hours do you think you have in her already?

  3. Beautiful work Sheryl, as usual. I agree with everyone else- you are def. an overachiever. lol Keep up the good work.

  4. beautiful work. I have this one along with several others of mirabilia started. I have never finished one.