Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I apologize, I'm embarrassed....

Ok, not much else I can say except those leading words into this... I'm a dip ... whip me with ten wet noodles. I really am sorry that I cannot report that my mermaid is well on her way to becoming something recognizable... I have just been dealing with way too many things and trying to get tons of obligations out of the way to be able to sit and concentrate on getting ahead on this project... I promise from today on to do much better.

On a good note, Elaine and I drove down to CT Saturday to visit a couple quilt stores. We specifically went to visit Thistle Needleworks - OMG! It was the most incredible thread shop ever - I had never ever seen so many gorgeous threads, ribbons and patterns - the walls were covered in thousands of colors and tons of drawers filled. Who knew there was such a variety. I bought plenty and think I now have everything I need. I also found some very hard to find silk ribbon floss. Check the store out ThistleNeedleworks


  1. Nicki

    Remind me when I see you next and I will whip you with a wet piece of floss !!

    Patti and Shey...you wouldnt believe this store...it was incredible...I think this is the nicest cross stitch store I have ever been in. The ladies that worked there were a lot of fun too and we spent a good amount of time laughing. I got a few more Mirabilia patterns that I LOVE and cant wait to get started on...of course I am still working on Miss Mermaid !

  2. Nicki- that is totally understandable with all you have gone through lately. Sounds like Sheryl and I could have dropped mega bucks at that xstitch store. Oh, How I wish I could visit there. So Nicki- what new Mirabilia patterns did you pick up.