Monday, April 19, 2010

elaines mermaid blob.. Enchanted Mermaid..

elaine sent me the picture of her mermaid blob... so here she is...  won't be long and we will actually be able to tell that is a mermaid butt and part of an arm..  (i think)..  lol..   shey..

MOTDB.. week 3

well here they are... aren't they beautiful??.. i am loving working on this.. and i'm finding they are actually fairly quick to do...  i did quite a bit on them this past week and i didn't feel like i really worked on them all that much..  seems like i was on the go and out the house quite a lot this past week.. i'm hoping this week to finally get into some sort of routine where i can actually get upstairs and sew again too!..  as well as work on my cross stitch..


Mermaids of the Atlantis

Ok Ladies, Here is my progress report on my Mermaid. She's starting to look like something more than a blob. So how are the rest of you ladies doing? I know Sheryl is working hard on hers. I sure would like to see pics of Elaine's and Nicki's.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MOTDB... week 2 progress

hey girls..

well i did a bit more on my motdb... and she (they) are coming along nicely... i'm going to have to go get the beads for this pretty soon... i'm dying to get some on it and see her sparkle...

how are you all doing??..

elaine if you want to email me your pictures .. i can put them up on the blog for you....

nicki.. have you come up for air yet??.. out of the basement??..  were you able to start yours yet??..

patti.. can't wait to see your progress picture too.. is she starting to look less like a blob and more like a mermaid yet??..

well back to work for me..


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mermaids of Atlantis

Good Afternoon Ladies,

I have started on my Mermaids of Atlantis . This is my one week report. I am using a 28 ct. green linen called woodland. As you can see mine doesn't look like a mermaid yet. It still looks like a big green blob. How are the rest of you doing? We need to kick our butts into gear before Sheryl leaves us in the dust.

Monday, April 5, 2010

mermaids of the deep blue.. (motdb).. 1 week progress

hello girls..

hope you all had a fabulous Easter.. :)  i hosted it here and it was wonderful to have the family all together.. well.. at least the ones that live around here..

i've been working on my motdb for a week now.. so i thought i'd show you some progress.. she's actually starting to look like a mermaid.. sorta.. lol..  i love the linen i'm using for her.. and will probably buy more of it for some of the other mermaids.. 

before you think that's all i've been working on.. check my blog.. i've also worked on a few of my other cross stitch projects.. :).. of course i haven't done much sewing/quilting.. but.. i'll get to it..

and how have you all done??..