Monday, April 19, 2010

Mermaids of the Atlantis

Ok Ladies, Here is my progress report on my Mermaid. She's starting to look like something more than a blob. So how are the rest of you ladies doing? I know Sheryl is working hard on hers. I sure would like to see pics of Elaine's and Nicki's.


  1. Patti

    I love it !! I have been working on mine every night, even if only for a short time !! Nicki was here the other day and can vouch for me !!

    The only way I can do pictures these days is to send them as an attachment to an email. I cant "browse" for pictures and cant post here or on the HGTV board...go figure !! So...I can send a picture to one of you and you can post it..but it still is in the blob stage !

  2. patti... it looks great!!... i love it and you are starting to move right along on it.. i love the fabric you are using.. she looks gorgeous on it..

    elaine.. send me the picture of your mermaid blob.. and i'll post it for you... it's really cool to see how much it changes from week to week..

    nicki... lets see your blob too.. lol.. i'll post my weekly progress in a new post..