Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm ready to get out of the water........

Hey goils,
I'm ready to get rolling on this project - just please, don't let me anywhere near the water - let the mermaids have it all. I'm still bailing and pumping out the basement - going on week #3! I'm so sick of it and there's just no end in sight.

Anyway, I was at Elaine's yesterday - proof that she did start her mermaid project. She bought me some green fabric to try so I am reporting on that.... I have tried it.... going to go a little bit further but still not sure I can work with it - my eyes just can't seem to get a grip on the small stitching involved and especially since it is a darker fabric than I normally have used. But... I'm going to try and if I can't make a go of it I will just start over using my Aida cloth that I had originally thought to use. Sorry girls.... I'll have to leave the linen and small stitching to you.

Shey - glad to hear you had a good time - will talk with you soon. Patti - I'm so happy that your baby is coming home soon - you must be so excited! Elaine - once again, thanks for pressuring me to spend money yesterday at the fabric store!

So girls, you wanna see why I'm just getting started on our Xstitch mermaids? Here's a peek at my front and back to the purse I am making for the CQI Purse Contest? Since none of you are involved with the Group I can show it to you - no one is suppose to see our purses until after the voting on April 15th. Just have to put it together now... believe it or not there is close to 100 hours of CQing on these blocks and no telling how many hundreds of beads! My poor fingers!


  1. You have to see these pieces that Nicki did for her purse...they are GORGEOUS in person..there are no words...I know that when I grow up I want to be like question there.

    It is still raining here, pouring is really the word...Im afraid we may never see Nicki again. She will probably spend the summer bailing out her basement....this is the PITS!!!

    Oh...and dont believe Nicki, I didnt make her spend money at the fabric store the other day..I think it was the other way around !!

  2. Nicki- your mermaid is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome. You have my vote. I'm just finishing lunch and I've been making pp'd arcs for my wedding quilt all morning. Getting kind of tired of it, so I'm going to start my xstitch mermaid. My crossed wing fabric just got here so I'm going to start with the Mermaids of Atlantis.

    BTW Elaine and Nicki - Love what you have done with the Twisted Stitchers Thread.

  3. nicki... i love your mermaids purse.. i agree with patti... you have my vote and i hope you win.. can't wait to see it all put together.. your work as usual is GORGEOUS!... you ARE the cq queen!..