Monday, March 8, 2010

Senior Moment (Scary)

Well today I had my first senior moment. The mail arrived and I was so excited to see that my package from ABC Stitch Therapy had arrived with all the supplies I needed to start my Mermaid of Atlantis. Wasn't I in for a big surprise. Everything that showed up said Mermaid of the Pearl. I was sure that stitch therapy had messed up my order so I checked my previous correspondence with them. Not only had I ordered the wrong mermaid, but when they sent a confirmation I went ahead and paid for it without really overlooking the bill. You guessed it. I screwed up. Apparantly Mermaids of the Pearl and Mermaids of Atlantis are on the same page, one after the other. Well Mermaids of the Pearl will not go well with the Crossed Wing Woodland linen I bought so I had to order all of the Mermaids of Atlantis stuff to go with the linen.
Then I had to order some linen to go with the Mermaids of the Pearl. I ended up with Star Sapphire 32 ct. Have never worked with anything that small and I am sure I am not going to be happy about it. So anyway here is a picture of the Mermaids of the Pearl.
Very pretty and I will be happy to do it. I now have two Mermaid projects to choose from and will start whichever one of all the materials show up first. Boy it's a b---- to get old.


  1. L M F A O!!!... i have to agree getting old sucks... but.. it sure is better than the alternative.. :) .. the Mermaid of the pearl is very pretty.. and.. good luck with the 32 ct linen.. that's a wee bit to small for me..

    senior moment... hahahaha... we all have them..


  2. so...if 32 is too small, what do you usually use ?

    Gosh...I dont want to get old....

  3. usually.. patti and i both use.. 28 count linen..

    what are you using elaine??

  4. I tried 32 but the wholes were wayyyyy too tiny

    I reordered 28 and am hoping for the best !