Wednesday, March 24, 2010

back from vacay!

hello ladies...

well i'm back.. omg.. what a great cruise.. lots of fun and laughter.. and we went to just gorgeous islands!...

i heard from cathy (my cross stitch lady).. last nite and my fabric has come in.. but i probably won't get it till next monday.. i can't wait to start my mermaids... :)

so what have you all been up to??... did anyone start their's yet??..


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  1. Welcome home Shey !! Glad to hear you had a wonderful rained here for days and days...poor Nicki spent most of last week bailing her basement out from all the water !!!

    I started my mermaid, ripped it out, started again, ordered different fabric and am now good to go ! I havent gotten far, but at least I started ! Im pretty slow so it could take a while before Im finished !