Monday, July 26, 2010

i think my mojo is returning... woohooo

heya ladies..

well i think my mojo is starting to come back.. at least a little.. i actually picked up my mermaid and did a little on her this week... not enough for a picture yet... but.. some.. lol... hopefully by next weeks posting i'll have something to show..    i even got up to the studio this weekend and worked on a couple of quilting projects too....

now ... the question is... how do i hold onto it??...  we go to Vegas on the 7th... and.. i'm afraid my mojo will decide to take another vacation too... lol... unfortunately... when it takes a vacation... it tends to take weeks and weeks.. and i can't afford to do that.. i have too much to do... i still have to make my dad's quilt for christmas.. as well as a bunch of other stuff..

Elaine... send me a pic of your little pixie..  (and your mermaid if you've done anything more on her lately.. ) i'll post that on here for you...  this blog doesn't have to be just for the mermaid cross stitch..  we can do other cross stitch things ... as well as some quilting stuff too...  it's just a ... for US blog.. so.. as far as i'm concerned... anything goes.. :D

Nicki... don't forget to pack your mermaid to go on vacation with you... that might be the only time you'll get to work on her for a while.. lol..  then post a pic...  let us see how she looks..

Patti... i want your Bali star quilt when you're done... you know my address... lol... it is absolutely breathtaking!!... i love it!... as for what cross stitch pic to start... well since you don't want to get tooo far ahead of us with your mermaids... why don't you start the christmas santa one.. hell at the rate the rest of us are going on our mermaids... and the speed you stitch at... you'll probably finish the santa one  before we get our first mermaids done... lol..


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