Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i've got nuthing!

hello girls..

i'm back from my trip to NY.. it was the trip from hell!.. but i had a good time with my sister.. but with all the drama going on.. i didn't do a stitch on any of my cross stitch pics... then ... when i got home.. i got sick.. and didn't feel like doing a damn thing... so my mermaids are unchanged...  i'm hoping to finish up my "Chickens?!" picture this week and then i'll get back to my mermaids..

elaine.. when you're ready.. just send me your updated mermaid blob pic and i'll post it for you...
nicki.. i know you've been busy and your mojo is not so good either at this time.. but.. hopefully you've been able to do a little.. show us a pic so we can cheer you on..
patti..  what are you working on now that your mermaid is done??..

BSH!!!..  (Big Squeezy Hugs)


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