Tuesday, June 15, 2010

mermaids of the deep blue.. about half done..

i've been working hard on my mermaids of the deep blue.. and they are coming along... i probably more than half done now... there are hundreds and hundreds of beads on this thing... but i love the glimmer and shimmer...

i'm gonna post a close up of some of the beads in the body of the mermaids...  she just glows..  unfortunately it's kinda hard to get a good pic of them  and still let you see where they are..

i would love to see how elaines and nicki's are doing... elaine if you send me a pic... i'll post it for you... and nicki... i know you said you started over...  so you're way behind us... but we don't care... just post a pic of the blob and let us cheer you on!!...

patti... mikki is simply adorable..  i just love that pic of her..  she's soooo tiny!!..



  1. I can see all that bead work Sheryl. Looks great!!!!!!! Coming along nicely.

  2. You are amazing shey !! it is beautiful !! I have been working on mine too and will send you a picture later tonight...I am much slower than you and the Paper Piecing princess !!