Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mermaid of Atlantis- Update

Hello Ladies,
Well as you can see, my mermaid is done. lol Not really. Fooled you. My mermaid's complete body is done. Have spent the last week adding the section where she is holding her treasure (whatever it is) ( I couldn't figure it out). You probably can't tell it, but it is almost all beads. Hundreds of them!!!!!!!!!!!
My next step will be to add the border, and then finish up the shell and fish in the upper right hand corner.
Nicki I sure would like to see your mermaid (hint, hint). Hope you are all getting a chance to work on yours. Would love to see pictures of your progress from all of you- even if it is a blob. You know that when blobs grow up they turn into beautiful shimmering Mermaids.


  1. OMG patti...she is soooo beautiful!!... you've really done a lot on her.. she'll be done before you know it.. i've worked a little on mine.. and will post a pic next week..


  2. I double what shey said !!! I have worked a little on mine but not enough to take any more pictures ! Hopefully this week I can get more done !